Thursday, May 7, 2009

She works hard for her hard for it honey

ok, so...last week i received a little package in the mail. upon opening it i discovered a long letter and 2 usps money orders, each for $850.

Realizing that this could quite possibly be too good to be true, I read the letter. It kept referencing emails that I had supposedly already received. well, I couldn't find any in my email, but I did find 4 emails in my spam. They were telling me that I had been hired as their new bookkeeper and that I was to deposit the whole $1700 in my account and then the next day, withdraw 90% of it and western union it to some guy in China. 
So now, it becomes incredibly obvious that this is not real. I was just gunna thro it away but my mother called and she just went on and on about the Nigerian scam. She was convinced that I was involved in it. So, listening to my mother, I took the package, the money orders, and the emails to the post office. 
To be honest, I felt kinda dumb walking into the post office and saying "I got these in the mail and I dont think they're real". But before I could say anything, the lady behind the counter went hysterical! She started thanking me for bringing it in, and she showed me how it was a forgery. She was saying that the usps just changed their money order forms a month ago. She was shocked people were already try to scam with it. Well, she took all my info and said they would be calling me. 
So I get phone calls from the main office asking me all sorts of questions and and telling me that they were starting an investigation. They told me that they might need to see my computer.
Holy cow, you guys! I didn't do anything! Those people found me! I just got their stuff and turned it in! haha!
Well anyway, I was checking my email monday and I get this lovely letter from the "scammers" telling me that I've had their money too long and if I don't send them their money, they will get in touch with the FBI. You guys, every part of me wanted to email them back and say, "oh, I already talked to the FBI, don't worry about it!"
But I didn't, I was a good girl...I went thru the right channels :-)
Anyway, all that to say...I just get so tickled at how dumb other people (scammers) think we are. And the sad thing is, alot of times, we prove them right!

Moral of the story:
If it's too good to be true, call the FBI!