Thursday, August 28, 2008

And then it happened...

Alright guys, here we go....

Blog #1
I have always found it a difficult task to explain what was in my head. 
A chaotic pile of ideas, pictures, and emotions all thrown together in a jumbled mess I call my mind....Sometimes I think it's just easier to express myself through an interpretive dance than it is finding a sufficient word. Words are such a hindrance. Images give us so much more. Last night, for some reason, I was going through my first semester notes from college. I got tickled at myself as I was flipping through the tattered pages. Most of my notes were taken in pictures. Little pencil sketches instead of words filled page after page. Looking over these pictures, I could easily remember what each of the lectures were about. What was funny, though, was going through other notes from the other semesters. Gradually, as the semesters went by, the sketches became few and far between as more and more words filled my pages until my final semester...there were no sketches at all! sad :(
I was almost disappointed in myself...I had conformed. 
If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we place a higher importance on words?
It seems silly...
I think life would be simpler if it were the other way, if we focused more on images...It would definitely be less work...1 picture is way less than 1000 words!

Ha! I use all these words to say..."I miss drawing"...
Last night I realized I had not sat down and sketched in a long time...I missed it.
It was so much easier to journal in "picture form"

So, I have decided to make a New Years Resolution...early...ish. I want to draw more. Drawing seems to calm me down, help me focus, and even clear my mind.

So now I declare, "I will draw!"